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Scientific Committee
Krzysztof Kałwak - Scientific Programme Coordinator, Wrocław Medical University, Poland
Petr Sedláček - Charles University Prague, Czech Republic
Meinolf Suttorp - Technical University Dresden, Germany

Honorary Chairman
Alicja Chybicka - Wrocław Medical University, Poland








Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Communities of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology in Wroclaw (PL; Prof. Dr. Krzysztof Kałwak), Dresden (D, Prof. Dr. Meinolf Suttorp) and Prague (CZ, Prof. Dr. Petr Sedláček) are welcoming You to the 12th International Midsummer Meeting on Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation.

Three difficult years have passed since we met each other in person in Karpacz, which hosted successfully participants of the 11th Midsummer Meeting in 2019. It is high time to come back to normal life despite the fact that the terrible war is so close to our borders.

This time we decided to organize the meeting in Wroclaw on 16-18.06.2023.

Wrocław is the fourth biggest city in Poland, and remains the economic, cultural and intellectual capital of Lower Silesia. Apart from the scientific programme the participants of the conference will have the opportunity to visit both the Old Town and the Supraregional Centre of Pediatric Oncology “Cape of Hope” – a part of Wroclaw University Hospital – the largest pediatric oncology and transplant centre in Poland.

The Symposium aims at the exchange of experience and knowledge as well as promotion of friendship between doctors and nurses from all neighbouring countries, incl. Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Baltic countries, Ukraine, Hungary etc. During the meeting both established and novel achievements in pediatric oncology, hematology and BMT will be discussed.

One of the highlights of the Meeting has always been an interactive session “Pretty kettle of Fish” with unusual case presentations and we are looking forward to taking part in this event on Saturday.

We strongly believe, that the longest days and shortest nights of the year will be filled with fruitful scientific exchange and an incendiary atmosphere of social networking events.
Welcome to Wroclaw in June 2023!

Krzysztof Kałwak, Alicja Chybicka, Meinolf Suttorp and Petr Sedlacek

Abstract submission guidelines

Call for Abstracts

Share your research findings! We invite authors to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentation at 12th Midsummer Meeting on Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation in Wroclaw.

1. Registered participants of the Conference may send abstracts only by electronic means. Abstracts of original papers will be evaluated and qualified by the Scientific Committee for presentation in the electronic poster session and/or oral presentation in this session. Abstracts qualified for presentation during the Conference will be published in the Conference materials.

2. Deadline for submitting abstracts of original papers: April 21, 2023  May 5, 2023

3. The abstract of the original paper cannot contain tables, charts and figures.

4. The abstract of the original paper must include:

  • title in Polish and English,
  • full details of the person presenting the work - name(s) and surname, e-mail, telephone number,
  • names and surnames of all authors, full name of the institution from which the authors of the work come (in Polish and English),
  • keywords (up to 6 words in English)
  • abstract text divided into Introduction, Aim, Material and methods, Results, Conclusions (in English)

5. The abstract of the original paper cannot contain more than 300 words, excluding the authors' personal data, their affiliations and paragraph names.

6. Only registered Participants of the Conference who have paid for participation in the Conference will be able to present their works.

7. Submitted abstracts of original papers will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee and qualified for oral or poster presentation*:

a. oral presentations:

  • after acceptance of the work by the Scientific Committee, in accordance with the subject of the report, individual works will be presented during the relevant thematic sessions;
    the time allotted for the oral presentation will be given in the final communiqué confirming the acceptance of the job,

b. electronic poster session:

  • works qualified for this form of presentation will be exhibited all the time for the duration of the Conference
  • technical details regarding this form of presentation will be provided to the authors after qualifying by the Scientific Committee.

* due to the dynamic situation related to the pandemic (spreading of the virus COVID-19) and in compliance with state authorities, the Organizer may change the form of works presentation. In such a case information will be shared immediately with the authors.

8. Abstracts of original papers should be sent only by completing the registration form available on the Conference website www.12meeting.pl by April 21, 2023  May 5, 2023

9. The submitted works are each time confirmed by the Organizer by sending a confirmation email to the e-mail address provided in the Registration Form. Failure to receive confirmation means failure to submit the abstract.

10. The consistency of the number of submitted abstracts should be checked in the user account in the ABSTRACT tab.

11. You will be notified of the Scientific Committee's decision (rejection or acceptance) within 2 weeks of the submission closing date.

12. Submitted abstracts of original papers cannot be previously published or presented at other conventions, conferences, etc.

13. Supervisor of the Science Club must be included among the authors if works are submitted by students.

14. Author(s) may submit more than one abstract.


1430 - 1530 Lunch

1530 - 1545 Welcome address
Alicja Chybicka (Wroclaw), Krzysztof Kałwak (Wroclaw), Meinolf Suttorp (Dresden), Petr Sedlacek (Prague), Piotr Ponikowski - Rector of Wroclaw Medical University (Wroclaw), Tomasz Zatoński - Vice-Rector of Wroclaw Medical University (Wroclaw)
Marcin Drozd - Director of Wroclaw University Hospital (Wroclaw)

1545 - 1550 Introduction to the Keynote Speaker – Peter Bader
Presenter: Krzysztof Kałwak (PL)

1550 - 1625 Keynote Lecture:
The road to success. CAR-T cells for refractory or relapsing pB-ALL in children (35’)
Peter Bader (D)

1625 - 1730 Session 1
Rare diseases and new approaches
Chair: Meinolf Suttorp (Dresden), Petr Sedlacek (Prague)

CML in children – what’s new in diagnostics and therapy as of 2023? (20')
Markus Metzler (D)

Growth and impaired endocrine function in children with CML on tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment (20’)
Meinolf Suttorp (D)

An update on Non-Langerhans cell-Histiocytoses - new developments in targeted therapy (20’)
Carl Friedrich Classen (D)


1730 - 1750 Coffee Break

1750 - 1930 Session 2
Infectious complications in pediatric hematooncology
Chair: Krisztian Kallay (Budapest), Sebastian Voigt (Essen)

Virus specific T cells - experience from Hungary (15’)
Krisztian Kallay (HU)

Allogeneic viral specific T-lymphocytes in therapy resistant infections after HSCT (15’)
Marek Ussowicz (PL)

Letermovir as CMV-prophylaxis in pediatric patients (15’)
Sebastian Voigt (D)

Tabelecleucel - a novel efficacious therapy for posttransplant EBV-PTLD (15’) LOGO PFM_QUADRI.JPG
Krzysztof Kałwak (PL)

Evusheld as COVID-19 prophylaxis and treatment - nationwide study (15’)
Jowita Frączkiewicz (PL), Krzysztof Kałwak (PL)

Novel antibiotics for treatment - resistant bacterial infections (15’) 
PatronageLogo Pfizer.png
Jowita Frączkiewicz (PL)


2000 Networking Dinner

0830 - 1000 Session 3
The broad field of pediatric stem cell transplantation
Chair: Bernd Gruhn (Jena), Petr Sedlacek (Prague)

Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation following fludarabine-based preparative regimens in hypoplastic refractory cytopenia of childhood (20’)
Petr Sedlacek (CZ)

HSCT (including haploidentical transplants) in Fanconi Anemia (25’)
Joern-Sven Kuehl (D)

Analysis of risk factors for hepatic sinusoidal obstruction syndrome following allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in pediatric patients (20’)
Bernd Gruhn (D)

New pediatric EBMT criteria for VOD diagnosis: a gold life-saving standard (20')
Zofia Szmit (PL)


1000 - 1020 Coffee Break

1020 - 1215 Session 4
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia - from bench to the bedsite
Chair: Wojciech Młynarski (Lodz), Petr Sedlacek (Prague)

T-cell ALL - challenges in genetic diagnostics (20’)
Monika Lejman (PL)

Current understanding of biology and clinical course of B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia with monosomy 7 (15’)
Agata Pastorczak (PL)

DNA double-stranded break repair defects caused by NBN gene mutations in lymphoid malignancies (20’)
Wojciech Młynarski (PL)

CD19-negative relapse of ALL - is it predictable? How to deal with it? (20’)
Lucie Sramkova (CZ)

Superior Graft-Versus-Leukemia Effect in Matched Unrelated Donor Versus HLA-Identical Sibling Pediatric Recipients Transplanted for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia within the FORUM Study (20’)
Petr Sedlacek (CZ)

How to successfully collect cells for CAR-T cell therapy? (15’)
Monika Mielcarek-Siedziuk (PL)


1215 - 1315 Lunch

1315 - 1415 Session 5
HSCT and GT in non–malignant disorders
Chair: Marek Ussowicz (Wroclaw), Markus Metzler (Erlangen)

HSCT and GT in leukodystrophies (25’)
Joern-Sven Kuehl (D)

RECOMB - stem cell gene therapy in RAG-deficient SCID patients - an update (10’)
Monika Mielcarek-Siedziuk (PL)

Hemophilia A and B - from novel drugs to Gene Therapy (20’)
Elżbieta Latos-Grażyńska (PL)


1415 - 1530 Session 6 Sponsored session  Logo_PBKM.png
Cord blood and MSCs
Chair: Peter Bader (Frankfurt), Krzysztof Kałwak (Wroclaw)

CBT in HR-AML - what is behind the success? Granulocyte transfusions? (25’)
Roisin Borrill (UK)

MSC therapy for GvHD - does it really work? (25’)
Peter Bader (D)

Mesenchymal Stem Cell i.v. in leukodystrophies - a hype or hope? (15’)
Magdalena Chrościńska-Krawczyk (PL)


1530 - 1600 Coffee Break

1600 - 1740 Session 7
“Pretty Kettle of Fish” – Eine schöne Bescherung
No to pięknie! – To je ale nadělení!
Ez aztán szép kis meglepetés! – Čo sa to tu deje?
Chair: Krzysztof Kałwak (Wroclaw), Meinolf Suttorp (Dresden), Petr Sedlacek (Prague)

A case of unusual PID who presented as a lymphoma (10’)
Sven Starke (D)

A young girl with AML M7, viral reactivations and bacterial sepsis (10’)
Sebastian Voigt (D)

Severe aplastic anemia and immunity (10’)
Petr Sedlacek (CZ)

Does the hemophilia gene protect against the symptoms development of congenital thrombocytopenic purpura? A 2-year-old boy, homozygous in the ADAMST-13 gene, suffering from severe hemophilia B complicated by an inhibitor and anaphylactic shock. Case Report. (10’)
Marta Hetman (PL)

CD19 CAR-T-cell therapy in post HSCT relapse of mixed phenotype acute leukemia (MPAL) with phenotypic lineage switch from myeloid to lymphoid clone (10’)
Julia Kołodrubiec (PL)

Stomatocytosis and congenital dyserythropoietic anemia – two unusual diagnoses in one patient (10’)
Marta Kozłowska (PL)

Amegakaryocytic thrombocytopenia and radio-ulnar synostosis: case presentation of an infant with MECOM-associated syndrome (10’)
Maria Polacik (D)

Severe course of TTP after HSCT in a 13 year old boy with SCID ADA 2 (10’)
Katarzyna Smalisz (PL)

A young child with trisomy 21 and anemia of unknown origin (10’)
Gabriele Strauss (D)


18:00 – 20:00 Visit in “Cape of Hope” – the Supraregional Centre of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and BMT

0830 - 1045 Session 8
AML – what’s new?
Chair: Szymon Skoczeń (Cracow), Dirk Reinhardt (Essen)

What’s new in the new AIEOP-AML-BFM 2020 protocol? (30’)
Dirk Reinhardt (D)

Novel immunotherapy options in pediatric AML (25’)
Naghmeh Niktoreh (D)

AML in Poland in 2023 (15’)
Szymon Skoczeń in the name of Polish Pediatric Leukemia/Lymphoma Study Group (PL)

The results of allogeneic HSCT in AML after treosulfan-based conditioning regimen. Multicenter retrospective study of the Polish Pediatric Study Group for HSCT (20’)
Jacek Wachowiak (PL)

The outcome of patients with AML after Treo-Flu-Mel conditioning regimen. Experience from Kyiv (15’)
Oleksandr Istomin (UA), Oleksandr Lysytsia (UA)

Insights to the PeDAL/EuPAL Registry/European Labnet/QAQC (20’)
Katarzyna Majstrowicz (D), Helena Kerp (D)


1045 – 1100 Coffee Break

1100 - 1230 Session 9
From bench and bedside
(Abstracts of young and more experienced investigators selected for oral presentation)
Chair: Petr Sedlacek (Prague), Meinolf Suttorp (Dresden)

Novel drugs in treatment of TA-TMA (20’)
Tomasz Jarmoliński (PL)

Antifungal prophylaxis with azoles in children - an urgent need for TDM (10’)
Karolina Liszka (PL)

TSLP receptor (CRLF2) expression in BCP-ALL is a surrogate marker for activation of JAK/STAT signaling pathway (10’)
Julia Kołodrubiec (PL)

New SAMD9L gene variant in ataxia-pancytopenia (ATXPC) syndrome (10’)
Ilona Jaszczuk (PL)

Transformation of aplastic anemia with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria clone to B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (10’)
Kamila Wypyszczak (PL)

The incidence of chromothripsis phenomenon in childhood B-cell precursor lymphoblastic leukemia; (BCP-ALL) (10’)
Zuzanna Urbańska (PL)


1230 - 1330 Lunch and farewell. Best abstract award ceremony.


CENTRUM KONGRESOWE Haston City Hotel we Wrocławiu
ul. Irysowa 1-3
51-117 Wrocław


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Krzysztof Kałwak, MD, PhD, Prof.
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Conference coordinator: Grażyna Horowitz

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Contact for Lecturers:
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